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May 29, 2014
Hemkade showroom by DDY - The rhythm of light project


Last Friday the workshop of studio Dirk vander Kooij and the showroom designed by DUTCH DESIGN YEAR was officially opened. The Nieuw Hembrug area in Zaandam is the new creative area of the Randstad, built on the defence line of Amsterdam between the North Sea channel and the Zaan. In this raw industrial environment DVDK and DDY created a space where contemporary interior design, product design, technology and history come together. The optiekgebouw is an inspiring place to visit. Next to the showroom and the workshop DVDK, there’s also the opportunity to have a small drink or bite.


For interior design consultancy the studio at DUTCH DESIGN YEAR provides inspiration and advice concerning interior design - visit our office at the Hemkade and be inspired!


The space is open for the public every saturday between 11- 18h or on appointment.


Hemkade 18G- building 217- 1506 PR Zaandam (directly across the IJ from Westelijk Havengebied. The Hempont ferry rides 24/7 between Amsterdam (Hempontplein) and Zaandam (Hembrug Hemkade). Near Loods 5.

April 2, 2014
Recollections collages sale!!

New price €225,- excl. VAT!!


Choose material: Aluminum - Brass - Copper - Steel plate

Including beautiful oak wood frame!!!

Dimensions 53,3 cm. x 37,5 cm.

Please contact:



February 17, 2014
FRONT SALON - Beurs van Berlage - Amsterdam untill May 2014!

Dear all,


My project the rhythm of light and the Recollections collages are presented at the Beurs van berlage untill May 2014!

If you didn't visit yet, please do!


February 12, 2014
Nyarum magazine publication

Publication of the FRONT SALON exhibition by Dutch Design Year at the Beurs van Berlage with my project the rhythm of light in the article..


February 2, 2014
Selected for the Driving Dutch Design coaching programme!!!

Driving Dutch Design - the entrepreneurial focus

A support programme has been launched to stimulate and enhance the entrepreneurial talents of young designers, under an initiative from ABN AMRO Bank, Dutch Design Association BNO and Eindhoven’s Dutch Design Week/Capital D.

A selection of promising young design entrepreneurs will receive support, coaching and a special skills masterclass programme in order to become successful creative design SMEs. The Driving Dutch Design progamme ends in October with a grande finale during the internationally renowned Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (October 18–26, 2014) where all participants will present their projects both to professionals and to the general public.

Driving Dutch Design started in 2012 and had a succesful follow-up in 2013. The matchmaking event for 2014 has again delivered 15 young and promising designers to participate in this yearly programme.


February 1, 2014
My work in the High like book

My project Domestic Landscapes will be soon published in the High like book!


December 18, 2013
Think Dutch - FRAME magazine publishers

My project The rhythm of light published in the new book of FRAME magazine called Think Dutch!


Publication in RUS magazine project 'The rhythm of light'
October 17, 2013
DDW 2013 Objects to play - The upholstery family - looking for a company to develop this project!

'The upholstery family’


The consumer makes its way in to the design process. A lot of furniture brands give the consumer the opportunity to make their own decisions about how their new furniture will look like, they can compose the furniture to their own preference.

They can choose what kind of sofa group they want for their homes (elements ,fabric ), small details

( feet , finishing of the seams). Also functional details (armrest, headrest ,etc .)  

The consumer can play with these elements and compose their perfect piece of furniture for their homes.


This is where I want to jump in with this new project, I wanted to design a piece of furniture where you can change things not before you purchase the piece but when you own the piece.


The project consists of 1 chair frame with a family of  ‘skins’ (upholsteries).

You can ‘dress up’ this chair frame by changing its skin, the chair will get’s a different look.

These skins are designed both aesthetic and functional. Each family member has his own color combination of materials.

The consumer can choose themselves which part of the family they want to adopt and can add parts by choice. The skins can be changed by the consumer themselves when they  feel the need for change and would like something fresh in their homes. 


October 8, 2013
DDW 2013 Objects to play